Thursday, August 14, 2008

Easy Link Costume

Hi Zelda lovers, in the past I've searched long and hard for a good link costume. Not some $50 hat and tunic off of Ebay. However, I guess the quality of the costume is definitely going to cost some money. So after some long and hard searching, I've found the cheapest components of a sweet link costume.


First off you can buy a pretty nice looking tunic off of for $6.23. However, they're not real tunics but look just like them when you wear a belt around a polo shirt that's a few sizes two big. Go to the top of the page and click the link labeled, "polos". Now there are three links to three different companies polo shirts. I would just click the one in the middle because it's the cheapest. Then scroll down until you see a large order form with different colors. When you rest the mouse on a color, it will show you what the shirt looks like, so choose the color tunic you want, (green, blue, or red). The colors I would recommend for the forest, goron, and zora tunics are, deep forest, cardinal, and navy. I would buy the polo at least two sizes two big so that when you wear the belt, the bottom half of the shirt will look like a skirt.


The next step is to find a nice hat. Now these hats aren't exactly the cheapest, but they're pretty nice. Go to ebay and type in, "Zelda hat" under all categories. Then, scroll almost all the way to the bottom of the page, and you should witness some sick looking hats for $18.50 and only $2.50 for shipping. However, for those of you who are looking for even cheaper link hats, a simple green or red Santa clause hat will do the job. However I don't really like the look of fleece for a Zelda costume, but you can check it out anyway if you want to..... A green or red Santa hat will work to match the green and red tunic. And for the blue hat, type in blue Honnakah hat on Google and that covers the blue hat. Here is a website to order all three Santa hats from. The website is and offers the santa hats for only $2.98 . Once at "home" click the link, labeled, "Holidays" then click "Christmas". Next, click the third link down called "costumes". Then click "Santa hats". There will be all three hats displayed next to each other. I personally think that felt Santa hats will do a better job for the link hats, however, they are pretty hard to locate in all three colors. But, I was lucky enough to discover this website after two hours of searching...literally!!! The URL address is, In the second row of links click the one labeled, "caps and hats". Then click, "hats" on the left hand side of the page. scroll about halfway down and click on, "Santa hat", lucky for us available in all three colors. Another easy way to obtain a hat for a link costume is to find and old shirt laying around in your closet that you don't wear anymore or don't want. Find the appropriate color. Then measure the circumference of your head, add one inch, and divide it by two. Measure and mark this length on one side of the shirt at the bottom. Draw a dot at the top off the shirt in the center of the line. Complete the triangle. Then cut it out. Do not flip the pieces over so that any graphic on the shirt does not show, because you will turn the hat inside out at the end anyway so the seams will not show. Next, place the two pieces on top of one another. Then sowe along both sides. When your finished turn your hat inside out. Now you have your own homeade link hat! hooray!!!

White Tights

The next step is to find a pair of opaque white tights. Go to and type in "girls opaque tights" click on the second link that displays a picture of four different colored pairs of tights. For $2.95 you are able to get a pair of white tights, what a deal! And for guys go to click, "men", then, "tights". Next click, "solid color nylon men's tights". And you can choose which ever color you prefer even though the most popular choice is white. However, they are a little more expensive: $8

Bracers and Gauntlets:

The next important components in an awesome link costume are bracers and gauntlets. Go to and type in, "brown fingerless knit gloves"under apparel. These cheap $8 gloves will work like a charm for link's gauntlets. For a pair of nice suede bracers, go to and type in "archery armguard". Click the second link that says, "archery armguard". They may look kind of plain but for $6.75 a piece or $13.50 you could always just draw the design on with a black or brown sharpie to make them look light they're from twilight princess.

Link's Blue Earrings:

I think what really makes link awesome are the blue earrings he wears. So I first tried buying sterling silver earrings for $5 and spray painting them blue, but decided not to. My next "brilliant" idea was to get the little plastic rings underneath the cap off of water bottles and spray painting them blue, but then again, How will they stay on your ears?......good question. So I ended up searching Google for a pair of light blue clip on earrings, and had much success! For those of you that have pierced ears go to www. and type in vintage 80s plastic blue hoop post earrings. Click the first pair of earrings that appear. They offer these nice earrings for only $2.00. For those of us that don't have pierced ears you can find an almost exact replica of these earrings at ebay as well. But instead, type in, "1960s light blue classic plastic hoop clip earrings"......(wow what a mouthful!) These clip-ons are only $2.50.

Elf Ears:

Finally, we're going to need elf bad they're at least $10. For some awesome elf ears go to ears.php. I would recommend elf ears D or H. Elf ears D are $10, $but elf Ears H are $30.

Sword and Shield:

For those of you that want a sword and shield as well that's going to be at least $64, with the exception of two great deals. Go to Then click, "legend of Zelda on the left hand side". You will see legend of Zelda sword collection set of 4 for only $53.90 and a wood Zelda with a wood scabbard or wooden Zelda sword for only $27.50. Hope everything helps
in your search for the perfect link costume!

Price Listing:

Tunic/polo: $6.23


hat1: $18.50
hat2(Santa hat): $2.98
Homemade hat: free!

White Tights:

girls white tights: $2.95
Men's white tights: $8

Bracers and Gauntlets:

Bracers: $6.75 a piece
Gauntlets: $8 a pair

Link's blue earrings:
clip ons: $2.50
pierced: $2.oo

Elf Ears:
D: $10
H: $30

four sword collection: $53.90
wooden sword with scabbard: $27.50


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is super helpful.

Kyle said...

you said this was going to be cheap

Mr C. said...

This is a pretty good guide. I am going to try this out and see if i can pull this off!

ilovesmok said...

another helpful site is it has good master swords and hylian sheilds

joey macauley said...

NEXT STEP....take 60 dollars to party cist and buy the entire costume.....thanks for no help on your CHEAP guide to a link costume, rich people should not be allowed near the internet.

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